A Sure Bet





Packagehound Courier is a 24 hour, seven-day-a-week business dedicated to meeting your package delivery requirements with the same attention to detail and level of care you expect from your employees.


Packagehound Courier takes pride in delivering top quality service. Service is what you pay for and expect and is the primary reason our business has grown. We work with each customer to tailor the most expedient and efficient method of package delivery for their business.


Packagehound Courier’s “on demand” service eliminates maintenance of a costly fleet of delivery vehicles and associated employee costs, resulting in savings to you. You utilize specialized transportation services only when necessary.


Packagehound Courier understands the headaches resulting from inadequate transportation services. Conventional services do not provide the speed and flexibility necessary to keep pace in the frantic business environment of the new millennium.


We do not promise that we can do it all but we guarantee that you will receive the highest possible quality of service for routine and urgent deliveries available throughout New England.


We welcome the opportunity to discuss your expedited delivery requirements and work out a program of services meeting your specific needs.


Founded in 1998 by Gerard Knappik, PACKAGEHOUND COURIER INC. is backed by years of industry experience.

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